Monday, June 30, 2008


I am really very thankful for many things because I am blessed. I write this as I am having a braxtin hicks. I have been blessed by having a wonderful husband! He is kind and thoughtful even as I fuss for no apparent reason. I guess they don't make pregnancy hormone pills for me to take. I think about the comedian Ron White telling his story about trying to give his wife a "pill" every time she is cranky for different reasons (none dealing with pregnancy).
Erik has gone through so much with this pregnancy and so many emotions. I am even thankful for the lumps that prompted me to see the doctor where I discovered that we were pregnant. Without them, we would not have been aware for maybe a month or more.
Erik is wonderful and Aaron, Ali, and I are very thankful to have him in our lives!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Aiden's room

We've really had to squash Aiden into a space. We now have 3 little ones and only 3 rooms. That means someone can share or Aiden can have the 12' x 14' foyer. Since there is a decade of age difference between the current youngest and the little one baking, we decided to keep him in our room until later. The glider is in there along with the bassinet/play pen combo. Here is his space for later.

I've tried to be creative, but it's been difficult. I saw something a little different and basically am frustrated, so, I quit and had Erik put back the furniture before creating a bigger mess on the wall. Ali's painting is completed. Aaron will paint this week. They are very excited and wanted to give him something that they created. I am glad and thankful that some of the jealousy has dissipated.

Garden surprises

Our garden is loaded with veggies!!!!! We've picked enough green snap beans for us to eat and also banana peppers, strawberries and some very tasty tomatoes! It did look like a jungle, but Erik, Aaron, and I have been weeding it this week. We're about halfway complete. Of course I only could weed 2/3 of a row, but I did help. I think it's just too much for me, but I love being able to walk outside and get something out of it. Tomorrow or Monday, we should have two more beautiful and tasty tomatoes to go with lunch. I haven't had a good tomato sandwich in years. That's all I've been thinking about since we planted the garden.

Erik is so excited! What a neat feeling it is to see all of the plants and veggies growing and knowing that you planted it. I hope that the squash is ready when grammy arrives. We even have watermelons. They're ablout the size of a child's bouncy ball.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Free at last!!!!!

I can officially rest until Aiden arrives (except for the nesting part). His room(area) is almost complete and my classroom is now ready for anyone to walk in and begin teaching. I am so excited. My long-term sub has a couple of things to do, but could teach tomorrow if necessary. I told my principal that today was it for me! This is extremely important as I have had quite a few REAL contractions. At first I thought I could try to stand up to make them quit, but Erik tried to help me and I couldn't move or respond-all I could do was breathe, breathe, and breathe. I am ready to regain my body so that I can move around easier, but I want him to weigh at least 7 lbs. Aaron only weighed 4-13 and Ali 6-9. I am hoping that he doesn't weigh over 8lbs. Erik and I were joking that a fourth of July baby would be neat... I would prefer that he bakes until ready:) I am sure my doctor will want the same and doesn't at all seem like he would rush or induce. BTW Erik already asked, ha, ha.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

dr visit

Everything looks great. My blood pressure is wonderful. Ali got to check the baby's heart rate and measure the growth. It's our last clothed visit with the doctor. Next time we will have to have a bacteria test and check for dialation. So we're getting ready for the baby. I have no nesting instincts. I just want to sleep! I have ideas for above the crib, but still have school things to prep for my sub. I just don't feel quite ready for him, yet. I am walking around 2 miles in the morning. Ali sometimes goes with me, unless it is before 6:30am. She's a great walking buddy! I enjoy this time of the day the most!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Florida Vacation

Here is Erik and Aaron having fun! The fun Erik had with Aaron, Ali, and his little brother, Carl.

Our trip to Shell Island

Our little captains!

We had a wonderful trip to visit Ellena and Bill (Gme and Gpa) in Panama City Beach, Florida. I still had cankles, but went power shopping with Ali, Gramme Karen, and Gme. I still have a few moments where I think to myself why did I do that...for Ali of course. I chose not to go to Shell Island, because of the boat ride and am very sad about that. We all had a wonderful time visiting with family before Aiden arrives.

We love Jimmy Buffet and Margaritaville!!!

Here is Ali having fun with the waitresses at Margaritaville!Of course this is non-alcoholic!We found the lost shaker of salt! Whoo-hoo...we're the winners!Erik, Aaron and his fish from the deep sea fishing trip.

Jimmy Buffet

Well, June 5th was the first time I got to see Jimmy Buffet in concert. It was also the first time I ever had cankles. I walked 5-6 miles in the blazing, hot sun to wait for an hour before laying our blanket on the lawn. That didn't faze me until I was tackled by a very drunk and crazy women over a beach ball that I would have gladly given her! This same woman tried to steal my Target flip flops and was groping other husbands while trying to get the beach balls. Other than the jerk hollering "Lead the way, preggo" the concert was a blast. His wife swore that she just found out she was pregnant. I also saw a teacher-friend of mine who is 3 weeks behind me. I did get a slushie out of all of this:)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Alison and Aaron had their dance recital. It was very difficult to get pictures this year (as we forgot our camera on the day we are allowed to take photos). I also danced one dance this year. I almost regretted it on the 4th and final day. They were wonderful!!!! I am so proud of both of them!!!!

Alison's and Aaron's Celebration

Ali and Aaron both received honors from their schools. Ali was honored because of her all A status on her report card. Aaron was honored because of his A/B status on his report card. It has been a difficult year for both of them. They have been troopers when I couldn't even stay awake because of the pregnancy. Also, Aaron (and mommy) had a very difficult time adjusting to an extremely large middle school. He made it out of the sixth grade even with one teacher giving zeros for any papers not completely finished! I got pictures of Ali, but Erik didn't get pictures of Aaron.

June Belly Pics

Here is my ever expanding belly. I hope that it is Aiden filling it up! He was so active yesterday evening, that I could barely do anything. If you've seen the Alien movies with Sigourney Weaver, it's much like the scenes right before the alien pops out of the belly. You see what looks to be a shark under the plastic of the waterbed encasement. He pushes down so hard that I really think that he's going to break my water! I have gained around 40 pounds due to my lack of jogging and weight training. So I can tell that I am now like jelly, but I've decided that I want to run a 5k in late Spetember. So, I hope that I can get back into running again!

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