Friday, June 25, 2010

Funny things!

This morning little guy kept asking me for candy...or so I thought! When I said, "Not in the morning." Then he says "Mommy?" Of course!!!! I get it!!!! He was saying "Sandi!" He's also been calling his daddy "Erik" and I really don't ever remember the older ones doing this. His little personality is precious and I hope that I think the same in about 10 years!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Daily happenings

Here are a few picks of the little one!

Our little vacay souveneir...

Big brother chasing little brother...doesn't always turn out well, but it did today!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Now's the time I go into birthday mode. I have one in July, September, and November. July-tractor; September-scavenger/camp-out; and November-paint ball or bowling. I have to get it prepared or in the works now because of how stressed I'll be with teaching and my night class for my Reading Endorsement! I hope I can get it all done and make everyone happy!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Vacay 2010

We visited Salvo, NC for the first time. We've stayed in Avon and Waves before. Salvo is in between them. We had wonderful weather and a beautiful rental house. I could have lived there! I even lost weight from the 4 flights of stairs I had to climb to get to the main level of the house. We went swimming, walked for ice cream each day, enjoyed great food, and lounged around a beautiful HEATED pool! It's just the most peaceful place on earth to vacation at! We even brought a fluffy souvenir back.

Little guy is helping daddy get ready for the beach vacation.

Here is our first trek to the Salvo beach.

We were at marker 41 (very important to remember, as everything is identified throughout the islands by this system).

Ali brought her wonderful friend again and they are the best of friends!

Little guy wasn't sure of this experience at first, but he grew more confident as the days passed.

I enjoyed these girls (even though making me GRAY)!

I should not be allowed near any living seafood! I caught him and seriously thought that I might keep him as an appetizer!

Here are the boys playing in our beautiful pool! This is where the kids were when they weren't in the ocean, at the ice cream store, in the game room, eating, or shopping.

These girls were so funny! This is a picture they wanted me to take of them! They tried to write in the sand and get a pic, but daddy or little guy messed it up every time!

Here is our view of the ocean from our top deck!

Little guy's first time this year getting ready to go swimming. What an ordeal!?!?!

Our house is the first one on the right. We walked a short distance to the beach entrance.

This is little guy's reaction when an abandoned fluff ball adopted him. He hitched a ride to GA and now is daily carried and rocked by little guy! We've appropriately named him...Salvo.

Our evening trip to have a camp fire at the beach and do a little shark fishing!

Is this lotus pose?

Me and my chicks sporting local apparel (yes, I know my grammar's a bit off here)!

Little guy loves his drammie!

We went back to Manteo to dig for fossils. The chickas insisted! You can't see the temper tantrum little guy had because I was too flustered to take pics, but WHEW!!!! I never lost my cool and we haven't had another one yet. We didn't see Andy Griffith (he lives here), but we'll visit again and maybe have better luck next time!

We took a trip to another beach, but one you could drive on! We walked on the boardwalk while the boys rode in the truck to the spot. Grampy found a great area for us to enjoy and use our boogie boards.

Little guy sized board!

Can we think...Point Break...haha:)

It doesn't look like I've lost any weight, but I have...I guess I'll keep working on it!!

Shells were a big hit towards the end! The current was so strong that we could barelyjump waves or boogie board.

Wider than the sky...

Thoughts about our daily lives.