Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 1

I want to keep my commitment to myself-to exercise and stay healthy. Today is just as good as good as New Year's Day. So, today is day 1 of a my 90 day journey. I want to finish P90X and run a 10k. My toes end up holding me back, but I will try to keep this bargain!

I've been to the gym to do an hour spin class. Tonight, I look forward to starting day 1 of P90X. It will be a challenge, but I think I need to write this down so that I will be accountable.

Here's to a happy exercise journey:)!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Santa hat pics

My oldest wanted a picture in the santa hat after trying to get little guy to smile. Even Ali wanted to do a handprint reindeer after doing little guy's handprints.

Our pictures went from this pouty face... this excited face! I tried to capture his hysterical personality! I don't have quiet children...they are all full of life and talk to everyone. They know no strangers and are so completely different from me and my extreme shyness throughout school. I am so very thankful for each of my precious children!

Monday, December 20, 2010

A late Thanksgiving post!

I often forget to post, but here is a picture post of our Thanksgiving vacay in PCB with our wonderful family. It was the best visit yet! The kids swam at the beach, ate delicious food, enjoyed a birthday party, and celebrated Thanksgiving with family.

 We all enjoyed the beach house. It was steps away from the beach and a great place to have low country boil!

 Aiden enjoyed reading with his Grammie and playing with Abuelo!

Grammie and I enjoyed the morning runs! The last morning we chose not to run because it was extremely windy and cold!

A surprise birthday for a 15 year old was fun even when he ended up in the pool!

The beach is so much better when it is deserted during the fall and winter months!

Grampy and Aiden enjoyed each other!

Thanksgiving day was full of good food and family!

He's shoving huge chunks of pineapple into his mouth.

Aiden loved frisbee with his great-uncle Mike-dude!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

$1.00 Scarves

Was it really worth the drive to the Tanger Old Navy store for their $1.00 scarves?!?

I guess so...YES it was! I took Ali and one of her friends and they had fun being 13 year olds!

We bought a few scarves, pj's that were only 6.99, and a few Christmas goodies. We even saw a friend (with no make-up on) who was so funny about our 60 second visit!

Christmas Vacation

It's here and I'm very excited! My class had a wonderful time decorating cookies, eating yummy food and making cute Christmas scratch-off decorations-kuddos to my room mothers!!!!

Things during my two weeks:
  • I am looking forward to getting up before the alarm clock every day...knowing it's impossible for me to sleep in on the days I can, hee hee!
  • I really need to get started on my Me Books for my Kinders. Usually, I have a few pages completed...
  • Read, read, read to the little guy
  • Enjoy spending time with the big kids
  • Thank you notes to my precious kinders for the lovely way they remembered me at Christmas
  • RUN
  • Call a few friends
  • Plan for the next few months, because I have one class left for my Reading Endorsement (wooooohooooo). March 22nd here I come!!!!!! No more school for at least a year! Why can't I ever adhere to that statement?
  • Report Cards
I could keep going! I am also looking forward to an enjoyable Christmas with Erik's terrific family in West Virginia and Maryland. We had a great Thanksgiving with part of his family and will be fortunate to spend time with another part!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bad Santa!

While waiting to see Santa, little guy didn't want his picture taken. So, I decided to have fun and take his pic against his will!

 The girls didn't find their visit enjoyable! Santa was very crude with them and I am still trying to understand why he said something about them bending over! He also told them that Santa was NOT going to get them an IPad.

 Little guy did enjoy his visit with Santa and told him about what he wanted for Christmas.

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