Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Enjoying the summer!

These are the balls for Aiden's 1st birthday party. They were cheap gifts for the children coming to the party and better than a bunch of candy. I was very happy to find something like this instead of goody bags! I thought that I could throw them in the yard before the party and then the guests could take one as they leave. Hope it works!!!!

He was so happy and overwhelmed!

His new thing is for me to hold him over the balls and make him kick them!

Little bambam is rearranging my furniture. It's so funny to watch for the first time. Now, I'm saying "No, no!"
He's feeling accomplished. Then, he went to play with his wagon.

Now, instead of swinging, we play with the swings.

We're on the horse swing. It's his new favorite swing.

This was a picture I snapped of him before the OBX trip. As you can plainly see, he's sucking on his bottom lip and not the top. I was very surprised, because many days I only see his bottom lip.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Family Fun!

We had a great family fun destination...The Rock Ranch. It was their Celebrate America celebration. This was the 10 year anniversary. Well, I usually have a camera attached at my fingertips, but due to craziness with birthday parties (that Ali just HAD to attend-social butterfly), I left it at home. My niece, Kayla, saved the day with her camera!

We enjoyed walking around, eating funnelcakes (I only sniffed them-0 ww points), listened to brother/sister fights---oops, conversations, watched fireworks, listened to gospel music, etc. There was too much to list. It was hot, but so much fun! Aiden was such a wonderful baby! I even got to meet one of my blogger friends. Her son's birthday is the day after Aiden's. Great to meet you April!

Anyway, we had a lot of fun! I think it's a great (and priced great) family outing.

It was so hot!!!!

Aaron is jumping on a "big pillow!"

My niece and nephew enjoyed this family outing, too!

All four were waiting to ride pedal cars. The girls loved it and the boys, oh well.

Our trusty wagon is a fantastic magnet for weary travelers! Even little fellows who are the same age as Aiden. My friend, April, has a wonderful pic of the two boys together!

This was a tunnel slide going under the ground! Too cool!

Yes, she is on a toddler toy and she gets on it every time we come to this celebration. It's a cool toy!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our trip to the Outerbanks!!!!!

We had a wonderful time (minus some tween arguments) at OBX! We took trips to the beach, light house, and Kill Devil Hills. Fishing was a high priority activity, along with boogie boarding, eating, swimming, and walking. I posted so many pictures. They are not in order because of the number of them and I have Aiden walking around me pushing my computer chair.

Aaron is surf fishing. It is so much fun! All of the big boys did it and so did I!
Aaron is walking along the boardwalk of the Bodie (pronounced body) Lighthouse. At the end is a deck and magnificent veiw!
This is how Aiden spent most of his trip! This wagon was a lifesavor! My back gave out after holding him walking over dunes and a long run/walk.
Here we are minus Gramme (she's taking the pic), Carl Sr., and Carl Jr.
The Bodie lighthouse was beautiful and about to undergo a 2 year reno. We met the son of the last lighthouse keeper: John Gaskill. His father was Vernon Gaskill. It was a beautiful day!
Here my honey is surf fishing. This was so much fun!
While he was fishing, I came upon DNR and a turtle nest made the night before. It's so much fun. The Logerhead turtle does a breaststroke (below in the picture).

He caught 6-7 of these croaker fish. They really croak! We also caught so many hermit crabs. Some were smaller than rice. They were attached to seaweed.
Here are two pics showing the empty beach on our fishing excursion. I am getting depressed thinking about it. I would love living there, except that I would never be able to straighten my mess of wavy hair.

Gramme is carrying a sleepy baby.
This was a calm evening.
The seagulls fascinated Aiden.
Carl and the girls. Aaron was recovering from a boogie board fight;)
Love my guys!
We're off to see the wizard...actually we were going to the beach (2 -3 minute walk).

Here we are at Kill Devil Hills. This dune was the site of the Wright Brothers first heavier-than-air flight in December 1903. We climbed to the top to visit the Wright Brothers Memorial which is visible for miles.

It was a very long winding way to the top!

This is the hazy, but beautiful view from the top!

Before we arrived at the beach house, we stopped to enjoy our picnic lunch at a beautiful rest area. We enjoyed it!

We went to Manteo for a graveyard adventure (I was the winner;), wonderful sandwiches, fossils, and fish.

Aiden enjoyed his first bite of a pickle!!!! He wouldn't stop eating them!

We also enjoyed our pool at the house!

Aiden really loved our bed!

Duke also enjoyed the beach!

Boys digging for sand fleas while grampy fishes.

Gramme and Aiden
The boys
I love his excitement!
Barely saw that top lip the entire vacay!
The girls
First beach trip

Best of friends:)
A fitting end to our trip! Notice Aaron holding his nose because he is under the apes toosh! He's histerical sometimes!

Wider than the sky...

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