Sunday, July 26, 2009

Update on our daily activities

We went on a playdate with half of the Lewis family. We had a wonderful time and the weather cooperated! April's boys are sweet children and great to be around!

This is what Aiden wanted to do on our trip to Dauset Trails. My camera battery ran out of steam and my friend, April, got better pictures.

This was not what he wanted to do.

Here are all of the boys ready for the day:)

When at home, I can't seem to get him out of his slippers.

He's also climbing on everything!

Grocery Deals

I don't know why I find such joy and satisfaction out of my savings at the grocery store(s). Today we went to 3 stores. This is a strategic maneuver to optimize my savings. I wake on Sunday morning to go through the weekly circulars, match the coupons needed and go through the fridge and cabinet (my pantry).

First, we stopped by Publix for the Sunday paper and the penny item. The penny item pays for the paper. Then, we shopped at Kroger and Ingles. I spent a total of $86.31 and saved $56.22. There are 41 items. It's awesome and it feels great to look at what you payed opposed to what you could have payed. The only thing missing from my list was more fruit. I'll get that later when the stores put out more (from the Saturday shoppers).

This is the 3rd time we've done this and it seems to get easier each time.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


So, Aiden is now a year old and had his visit with our wonderful Pediatrician. He was 69th %tile in weight, 79th %tile in height, and 89th %tile for head circumference. He's blowing Ali and Aaron out of the water!!!!! He didn't do well with his shots, but rearranged all of Dr. Lee's furniture. Still nursing and no teeth.

He's now climbing onto the furniture...GREAT! He always wants to be outside or in Ali's room (if her door is left open). He's enjoying his jogging stroller (as much as I am)! He is developing a great sense of humor and will hand me things if I ask and point. He hates his bibs and pulls them off. Also, he loves to drink out of straws and enjoys a popsicle every evening. Everything is a phone and he actually will talk and then wait for a response----VERY funny! I have noticed that he can mimic, but is selective (or stubborn) so I've heard MAMA only a handful of times.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Birthday Celebration

The yard before guests...

The banner with his monthly pictures. One for each month of his life!
Here are the balls.
Aiden loved watching the bubbles!
Where o where has my little dog gone...
Aiden and his buddy, Gabe, discussing the benefits of shovels in a sandbox.
Awwww, Abigail and her daddy
The swing set was a big hit!

Miss Ashley takes Aiden for a slide.

Aiden was so confused about this.

Gabe and Aiden
We had a lot of help opening gifts!

Leaves, oh, the leaves we have to pick up!
I think we all had a wonderful time!

Friday, July 10, 2009

First Birthday!

Aiden's first birthday was today. We enjoyed the day with a visit from his great-grandparents. We played and prepared for his party tomorrow. Then, we had dinner outside. We had a grilled chicken salad with avocado dressing and had cupcakes (Ali and I shared one). Aiden decided it would be so much fun to squish the cupcake into pieces until he realized that he couldn't get it off of his hands.

He listened in wonder to Happy Birthday to You.

Great summer trip with Gpa and Gme!

We visited Erik's grandparents. They are wonderful and enjoyed spending time with the children. Everyone had a great time!
Fun with Gpa

I did bring home some jewelry!!! She's so sweet!

Here they are on the karaoke machine. It was fun to listen to everyone...even Erik:)

My two older captains! They look so serious and ready. I think Gpa can teach them how to drive, too. He has a great reservoir of patience.

The two divas of the trip!

He eventually fell asleep and didn't mind the pfd.

He started to enjoy the water, but it was salty. He kept licking his lips.

Here are the snorklers! What fun it is. Shell Island is almost magical (except when too many party goers arrive for the 4th.

He hates the pfd.

Captain Aiden

Lunch at Pineapple Willy's

Look at the love and adoration!

Aaron and Ali are enjoying the Pier Park festivities.

Aiden's first carousel ride. He was not impressed because of the loud music. He enjoyed the first part but every pass by the speaker was traumatic.

Ali and Gme are dancing in the HEAT.

We're all enjoying a lunch at Margaritaville!

Wider than the sky...

Thoughts about our daily lives.