Monday, October 18, 2010

Fun at the Rock Ranch!

 We had so much fun at the Rock Ranch this weekend. They had hot air balloons, fall fun, food, and music.

 We walked across the pasture instead of riding in a wagon (purely because we had little guy's wagon).

Aiden enjoyed everything and especially loved these steers!

The big kids ran off and we stayed to jump on the big pillow.

The corn house was not his favorite and he didn't stay long!

I really don't know what Ali thought she was doing, but she ended up in tons of giggles!

No matter when I took a pic of this, Aaron covered all others to only have a shot of himself ;)

This slide was fun!

This one was even better!

The boys really enjoyed moving sand!

Here he is running like the wind!

He ran all the way to these horses!!!

We are in tiny town! This was a big hit with all children! It's a miniture town with a main street!

Aiden and daddy wouldn't wait for the family daddy pushed him around the entire track!

Thank goodness he and the other tots won't be driving anytime soon!

It's always fun to see hot air balloons!

He looooovvvveeeedddd the horses and chose this dark brown one. It was a long wait and I went into teacher mode by gently suggesting that two little ones had to go to the end of the line to wait their turn. The family in front of me agreed, but the ladies behind me did not. It always surprises me how some feel it's okay to break the rules...

The train was also a very long wait. Daddy let me take Aiden to visit the animals and change Aiden's diaper while he held our place in line.

A pretty view from the train.

The corn maze was too long for me!

Fun at the old barn.

These lashes are beautiful, just like him! No nap and by 5:15 he was out!

Wider than the sky...

Thoughts about our daily lives.