Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day of Firsts!

My sweet boy had his first haircut Thursday! I missed it because I am on the committee doing our school interviews. He couldn't push his hair out of his eyes and it was beginning to bother him.

Here's a before shot.

Here's an after shot.

Pssst! Grammie...please stop reading now, unless you can stand what he has already done.

Another first for Aiden is . . . he took two steps unaided by me or a piece of furniture!!! We tried to get the video camera out to record it, but he was scared by our squeals!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Feeling great!

Although I haven't been losing the weight like I really wanted to and life is living up to Murphy's Law, I do feel like I'm working toward a goal. I feel good about me.
  • Hopefully, the skin cancer is taken care of for at least 3 years (the time I need before my cancer ins. will cover it)!
  • I just finished my Couch to 5k program!
  • I get to go back to Kindergarten!
  • I supported Relay for Life from 12:40 am until 7 am yesterday (It was incredible)!
  • My wonderful family is always there for me!
Even though sometimes life is difficult, I know that this is just a rough patch and the good things above will get me through it. In my head the old Baptist Hymn is playing "Because he lives, I can face tomorrow!" I wish my church would sing this one more! I wish life had background music, because I hear it all of the time:)
Happy Sunday to everyone!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Strawberry Farm

We decided to go to a strawberry farm to get strawberries to make jam. I did this when Ali and Aaron were little. I thought it would be a fun outing for all. It was great!!!! Everyone was happy! We even enjoyed some fresh strawberry ice cream-we shared it!

Daddy and Aiden watched for a few minutes.

Flat Stanley came along on our outing. He's been visiting all the way from CT and will go back to my dear friend's daughter's classroom soon.

Aiden loved walking around and sitting in between the rows.

Daddy and Aiden finally got busy!

Mommy and Aiden rested for a while!

This was so much fun! Aaron and Ali enjoyed picking the strawberries. I really wish you could taste the warm, sweetness!

While we waited for our ice cream, the children played in the corn bin. My class usually takes their fall fieldtrip here and all of the students love this bin! Aiden was absolutely fascinated with the corn!

Busy little baby bumblebee

Aiden is purely about investigating everything. I have enjoyed watching him discover how things work. Every time I pick up his toys, he pulls them back out. It's one of our new games. Another game I started (that I wish I hadn't) is him squealing and me telling him "ohh, you scared me!" Then he giggles heartily and squeals again-waiting on me.

Oh, he has started crawling and now he's trying to walk! He's only been crawling for 2-3 weeks and now taking steps and then falling. He's making me nervous and crazy!!!!

Prison walls for baby Aiden

Aiden now has a few prison walls to keep him out of places of danger. He is fascinated with them! I am happy because they were a great deal!!!!

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