Sunday, October 25, 2009

Apple orchard

We decided to take a trip to Elijay to see the leaves and enjoy the day. I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of the beautiful leaves! They were pretty!

Aiden and daddy were ahead of us walking through the crowd to get to the orchard.

Ali and I were COLD! I have on a shirt, sweater, and jacket. I even checked the weather which said it was going to be 55 degrees----no it was like 48! At least Aiden had on warm clothes!

Aiden enjoyed running around more than the apples.

He had so much fun!

She decided to pose for us:)

We stayed for the pig race which was rather enlightening. I have made the decision not to take the family to live there based on the behavior of these people involved with the pig race;)

Ali popped into this shot!

And into this one!

Aiden was absolutely fascinated with the stuffed bear! I had to move him away from it so that other little boys and girls could see him.

We've decided to try a different orchard next year and go a week or two earlier. We have some great apples and tried different goodies made with apples. The trip was great until I ate some leftovers and got food poisoning. I was so glad that we were at home in time for this!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch

We decided a last minute trip to a pumpkin patch was in order for our last day of Fall Break! Monday was one of my furlough days and I wanted to have a little fun with the children. We invited some friends and enjoyed watching the kids play and pick their own pumpkin off the vine! Aaron decided not to go because he was pouting. So, we left Mr. Grumpy at home to study!

Little guy enjoyed all of the pumpkins! He ran around and kept me busy.

He had to touch every thing.

I'm trying to rip this one from the vine while little guy really wants to "help."

My friend cracks me up! She's saying that we shouldn't show her husband these pics because the little girl is only 3 years old!

Finally, he has picked a pumpkin and now for the hayride!

A little bouncing...

until we board the trailer for the hayride (minus the hay?!?).

Daddy's favorite picture!

My favorite picture! The goat has his entire head in the hay while he's eating.

Sweet girl...she wanted a picture with her mama.

So much fun!

He loved sticking his tongue out!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Inside fun!

Since it has rained for most of our fall break, we decided instead of floating away, we would play in the ottoman. Little guy has deemed this the best play area after you take all of your toys out of the toy box.

When I said "No sir, you may not run in the ottoman," he simply picked at the 100% Boy that's on his onesie.
Our new favorite face!

A side note: We listened to him giggle himself to sleep last night. It was absolutely the most precious thing he's ever done (except for when he repeats "I love you")! Erik and I were giggling about something while rocking him and I guess he couldn't help himself:-)

New creations

Somehow, I decided I wanted to create the dessert that is pictured on the front of the Southern Living magazine. These pumpkins were intended for our sitters, but one was out of town and it wouldn't be proper to only give one a treat. So, the children really enjoyed these!

I couldn't believe how much little guy ate! I did take the caramel out of it before he could put it in his mouth!

Natural outdoorsman

Little guy decided to run around while we were trying to check out the camping gear. He loves the tent!

Hogan for Milner

Erik began his run for the city council in late September and is now councilman elect! We organized a meet and greet for the residents. A great time was had by all.

He received a little free advertising;)!

He was able to meet and discuss issues.

A dear, dear friend stayed with us the entire 3 hours. She and her children are fantastic! Thanks Teresa!

Thank you for all of the support and kind words!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


As Aaron is trying to complete his project that he's known about for two weeks, I have decided to quit assisting him and update the blog:)

We went to Aiden's friend's birthday party. Aiden had a blast and loved running around. This is one of my favorite picture's of the day.

Daddy and Aiden played with a golf ball most of the party.

We enjoyed going to Aaron's track meet.

Aaron worked very hard to get his time down (after he decided to get in the mud and ruin his running shoes before he even ran). He did manage to get his time down with encouragement from a great teammate! He and his teammates are awesome!

I'm so glad that this little guy loves us!

This carefree look isn't complete without these glasses!

No blog post is complete without something about our tween diva! She and her awesome gal pal are posing. These girls are awesome and rule!!!!

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