Sunday, February 28, 2010

Callaway Gardens

This was the last weekend of free admission to Callaway Gardens.

Little guy was very excited to see the butterflies inside the butterfly center.

I get smooches all of the time now! They're preceded by "Mama NEED!"

He loved that the butterflies were eating bananas and oranges.

He enjoyed an encounter with a ladybug and surprisingly it lived!

Daddy and little guy had fun looking around at all of the different varieties!

These faces were seen many times as he looked around!

Don't ask; don't tell should always remain no matter the species!

We enjoyed walking the trails and talking about everything and nothing at all!

We had so much fun!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Precious life

Life is so very precious and can be gone in an instant. When you get that phone call. You know the one telling you there's been an accident. At first, nothing, then disbelief and finally a flood of emotion.

That's the phone call I received at school today. I HAD to take the phone call our office secretary told me over the intercom system. I walked down the hall and my husband is on the other line. Two seconds, me saying hello, and he says something has happened. My thoughts go to my kids immediately! No, he tells me my sister has had a terrible accident.

I walk back and gather my things, trying to figure out who's getting the kids and the tears are flowing. Take my evening class assignments to my friend to turn in and end up in prayer with her. Thank you God for great friends! Then go wait in the office for the big E to get me. End up in prayer with another wonderful person and tears flow again!

I leave for the trip to Atlanta where she's been life-flighted and arrive to find my vibrant sis on a hospital bed helpless. She tells me, while I stroke her like I would little guy to soothe him, how a heartless person weaved into her lane hitting her and then drove away. HIT and RUN! She swerves and rolls the suv into a tree. She lands into the passenger side ceiling covered in dirt, glass, and debris. The tree pushes the driver door into the driver seat in a tangled mess of metal. Not wearing her seatbelt has literally saved her life today!

All doors lock on impact and the EMTs and others struggle to get her out. Finally the smash the windows and work on getting her to the helicopter. They wash the glass out of her eye and put her into the mummy bag. She tells them to get her Coach bag (just think of me rolling my eyes right now). She arrives at the hospital and is washed up and broken arm is set, CAT scan done, and x-rays taken. She's swelling and freezing. They finally move her to a room only to cath her-owwwww! I had to explain that the cath doesn't hurt nearly as bad as she will after the swelling goes down. I am with her until the morphine kicks in.

WHAT A DAY! She is going to be okay with some swelling and dental work to be done. Shame, Shame, SHAME on hit and runs!!!!

I didn't call her last night because of fatigue and I feel very bad!!!! Just give your loved ones a hug/call and let them know how much they mean to you!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Valentine's Day

Here is a cute idea that I've been doing for my kinders for about 4 years. They always get so excited to see their finished Valentine box! I even have one!

It's too bad that we had a snow day instead of a Valentine's Day party!

Friday, February 19, 2010

My letter to the chairman of the committee...

I feel that BIG GOVERNMENT needs to listen to it's people!!!! That's what our founding fathers believed and tried to structure.

I wrote an email to one of our Senators designing and introducing a teacher merit pay bill. I did leave my name and contact info at the end (which I deleted here). I didn't receive a response until I over-loaded emails to other reps and their assistants! Here is my OPINION:

Dear Mr. Chairman,

I am sending this email concerning SB 386. I am very curious why it is being introduced when there are unanswered questions about implementation. I am an educator of nine years and currently hold a Master's Degree of Education. I love learning and immerse myself in learning every chance I can. Just this week, I started my first class for a Reading Endorsement and last year finished my Gifted Endorsement. The endorsements do not increase my salary, but do assist me in learning new methods in which to facilitate learning.

I do not feel that SB 386 is the answer to improving education. I have only taught for nine years, but have experienced very different students with very different developmental rates. As an educator, I give my all in and out of the classroom. Even during our January furloughed days, a colleague and I traveled through three states, at our expense, to attend a Whole Brain Teaching conference. Teachers work very hard to make a difference! Sometimes the standards are developmentally out of the reach of some students. That doesn't mean they did not show growth, it just means that they didn't reach the standard. Just yesterday, we had a celebration in our class of one student's great achievement. That student is not meeting the standard, but did work hard to master something that was very developmentally difficult for the student.

I hope that before SB 386 is introduced, it is completed with no unanswered questions! I will remain on my salary schedule because I work hard. I could not work any harder even if merit pay was offered to me. I love and enjoy going to work and facilitating learning each day! The students' success is such a joy and is celebrated in our room by all, not because of merit pay!

I would welcome a discussion with you and/or your committee. I am extremely interested in this bill and need to understand all of it. Thank you for your precious time and have a wonderful weekend.



Kindergarten Teacher

Snow in GA

We had a few inches of snow that closed our schools. So, while I was recovering from pink eye, strep, and a sinus infection, we enjoyed the COLD temps and beautiful snow.

Little guy was not feeling well, but was fascinated.

This was his expression when we came inside. He loves being outside!!

Wider than the sky...

Thoughts about our daily lives.