Monday, July 28, 2008

Like father, like son

I came home from dropping off some things at school and this is what I found...

You would think Daddy wasn't sleeping at night;)

Aiden loved his first bath! He was so good and didn't cry. He loved when I poured water over him. He even was fine with his hair being washed. This was at 11:40 p.m. so please forgive the focus:)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Belly button

Finally, the cord has come off on the 15th day of Aiden's life! I was wondering when it would fall off. We don't know yet if it is an innie or outie. He hates for us to bathe him, so we're going to hold off a couple more days for his tub bath in his Fisher Price Aquarium Bath Center. To tell you the truth...we haven't even opened it or looked at it since we got it;)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

No More Pain

My new best friend! I tried for almost 2 weeks to bypass using this unsightly looking thing, but Aiden is like a baby shark when he nurses. So, now, there's no more crying or silent cursing in my head. I can finally enjoy what's become our frequent hour-long feedings.

He had his first diaper blow-out this morning! Ali was almost screaming "Eww, gross, it's on his blanket!" She was very helpful with getting a change of clothing and a new blanket. We are still bundling him as he really does better wrapped like a burrito.
I feel very guilty as I'm not going to begin the school year with my students. I have a few things to do tomorrow and I'll attend Ali's open house, but after that, I will be at home bonding with my precious little one!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No more sunning sessions!

Aiden has been cleared by his doctor. His jaundice is going away!!!! No more visits to the hospital to get his heel pricked and viciously drained by those nice nurses! No more days sunning in the window in just a diaper! We are so very happy with this news! He has also gained a pound since last week! A whole pound in one week. I am amazed, but not shocked since he's been an eating monster. I wonder what he'll weigh in September when we go for our 2 month appt. Now, onto our dinner...lasagna made by Gramme! I'll never lose this weight at this rate!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First captured smile


Please forgive this photo, but I saw his smile and asked Erik to take a picture of it. I know it's just a reflex, but it was just so sweet after he finished nursing. I can't wait until he smiles because he's happy!

Aiden's first photo shoot

This was my pitiful attempt at taking a beautiful picture of my dear Aiden with his eyes open. All he wanted to do was eat, eat, eat. Soon after I grew tired of this, that's what he got to do.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Born to ride!

10-12 years ago, I had a swing that had a crank-up handle on it. It was a funny process, especially if Aaron and Ali were falling asleep. Now we have a swing that plugs in. Here is baby Aiden on his very first ride! He tried to nurse for hours today. This helped both of us get a much needed rest! He stayed awake for a long time after our family day at Aaron's school. I thought I was going to melt in the heat, but I left daddy in charge so Aiden and I could return home where we belong!

Family Fun

During Gramme Karen's visit we played scrabble. Since only 4 can play, I watched. Aaron was very smart, considering he thwarted many of Gramme's moves. It was very interesting to watch them play. Lot's of in depth thinking!

Friday, July 18, 2008

My new love...

Aiden is my new love. He is so very precious! I have enjoyed him this entire first week of his life. It is so easy to have him at home! Although we have been back and forth to the hospital every day but today, his jaundice is finally leveling off and has come down. He is absolutely wonderful and no words can express how I feel! Last Thursday, I was very stressed that he was going to come and I didn't quite feel ready. Now, I cannot imagine what life was like before his arrival. It seems like a lifetime ago.

Here is his first bath experience. He still has his cord, so, I bathed him with a washcloth and bowl of warm water. After, I rubbed him down and he was much happier.

Daddy is holding him while I take a moment to rest. He is also smitten with our lil' prince! He was so careful not to "injure" him at first. Daddy is feeling more at ease now!

Gramme Karen has been wonderful. She has stayed the first week with us. She has cooked dinner when we didn't have friends bringing it and has helped with everything else. Thank goodness we had help. She also set up our network in the house. Now, the computer runs so much faster! Thanks bunches!!!!!

Aaron loves his little brother. He is always asking to hold him, but between feedings and his 18-20 hours a day of sleeping, it's difficult for anyone else to get him away from me!

Aiden and Ali are enjoying a quiet moment! She also wants to hold him and help out. I think it's time for another feeding...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

And now there are 5!

Happy Birthday Baby Aiden

Well, the dr visit was very eventful! Yes, I had dilated some and was extremely swollen with very high blood pressure. So I was sent to the hospital for testing. During the testing in triage, my contractions start to come closer and closer together. I start to dilate and end up in labor. We went into labor at 2:15 and have Aiden at 6:10. I pushed 10 times. He is very lucky, as the cord was wrapped around his neck and twisted into an unrecognizable lump. Thank goodness we DID NOT opt to go home and induce on Monday (like I wanted). He is here, beautiful, 7 lbs. 7 oz., and 20 inches long. He is now a nursing fiend and finally home after bili light treatment.

My friend (Ronda), Ali , and I are having fun after the epidural! Had to have one!!!!! I was so uncomfy with contractions coming in waves. We laughed and Ali met ALL the nurses and learned all about them!

What a face...A very tired mama!A very happy and proud papa!She was happy...but only got to hold him for a minute.
The other munchkin with Aiden.Gramme Karen is putting him to sleep again so I will have to wake him to nurse.Great-grandma (Gme) and Aiden

Great grandpa (Gpa) and Aiden

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Acid, acid, and more acid

So, right now I'm fully awake, not from the 4th visit to the bathroom since 10:30 pm or because I finally have news to report, but because of this darned acid reflux. Yes, I had a coke, raisinets, and Milanos alfredo pasta and garlic bread today. I even split the meal in half (lunch and dinner) and shared it with DS and DD. I walked 2 1/2 miles this morning. My feet were so swollen by noon that they were purple and hurt! This evening I walked another mile because I was so bored!! Ali kept me company during the evening walk:)!

This was after we spent the morning organizing the kitchen. I asked Erik (after I made labels for the cabinets) if this was a little OCD and he quickly changed the subject. Then I asked him if his dad would do that and he couldn't even answer. Well, gramme Karen, there are notecards to help you for the first day or so find your way around our kitchen;) I was bored. A little Monkish, but oh well. You will be able to find the baggies, mixing bowls, pots, glasses, etc.

I must bring up the fact that we are now reaping many benefits from our garden. Here is a picture of squash, green beans, peas, peppers, and tomatoes. I didn't even eat any of the tomatoes today (not even a tomato sandwich-my favorite and why we really have the garden!).

Sunday, July 6, 2008

FUN Land

Since the little ones were going to grandma's house for the 4th, we decided to spend part of the day at Dixie Funland. We had never been and it was fun for them. I explained to them that this would be the last "trooper mommy momment" before Aiden arrives. I was so very HOT and sweaty!
Aaron eventually smiles. You could hear Ali (screaming) across the park!This is where they had the most fun (Erik included)! They had armbands, so, the girl in charge of the ride, let them ride again and again. We must have been at this ride for about 35 minutes.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Summer Fun

Everyday this week we've had somewhere to be. Thursday, we had somewhere FUN to be. One of my students really wanted to try out kayaking. When I introduce myself to the class, I show them my interests and one happens to be kayaking. So, I told him that I would take him during the summer. Well, I'm not allowed to kayak and really don't think I could even get out of one if I actually got into one. So, he likes Aaron and they went kayaking. They had a blast! Then they went swimming in the pond and pool, then kayaked for a little longer.
Ali did kayak, but only for a moment.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Good News

I finally broke the 50 pound mark:0 (as Ali would say...OMG)! Yes I know that's difficult to believe, but even the dr said I'm doing better than last time. Yes, I am still walking 2-3 miles. Other than that, the news was good. Little baby Aiden is fine and I'm actually measuring closer to the first due date (July 28th-not so happy about that...but I'll live). Grammy Karen, he said we would discuss inducing on our next visit (next Thursday at 9am). So next week we'll know when Aiden may arrive.
I am reading a good book-The Last Patriot by Brad Thor. After I am through with it, I am going to have to do some research about the unfamiliar portions.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hospital Tour

Last night we went to the hospital for our tour. I realized as I looked around that, yes, I have waited too long. Everyone else was due in August. First, I have to write that I am in utter shock at an encounter with another person who is pregnant. She was in middle school!!!!!! How crazy!!!!! I wanted to scold her and "take her to the wood shed!" Ali saw it all and almost couldn't contain herself. I guess you could say that "little Sandra" was shocked too-miss drama mama!
We looked at labor & delivery, the nursery, and recovery rooms. No babies to see in the regular nursery, only one in the NICU. I couldn't look, because I remember how it felt when Aaron was in the NICU. So, I am thankfully past that stage, unless little baby Aiden needs a little help. I did make sure that I would have my own recovery room! I'm no good at sharing;)! Overall, it was fun and saw another pregnant teacher from church-now we have a bond;)!

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