Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wonderful Blessings

Erik and I are very blessed to have such a wonderful immediate and extended family! All three children are well. Love to all!

Here are a few pictures of the little guy. He is getting so playful and trying to go. Last night he rolled all over the living room and ended back at his activity mat. He's too involved in moving to smile!

I love this bib!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Aaron has been going to Skipstone Academy this year. It is a Christian school that expresses the notion that children learn better by doing rather than sitting and being lectured. I agree! Well here is a picture of him and another student with the judge. I believe the judge was discussing his career. Aaron's choice (for his project) was a psychologist.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The End!

We're at the end of playing on the blanket or sitting on the blanket. He's rolling over endlessly trying to get other toys. Then, he is getting mad because he cannot reach the toys he just left. He's pushing backwards and even sometimes to his knees. I wish I could somehow slow this process down. I've enjoyed him being lazy and playing in one spot!
Now, we have to consider really Aiden proofing certain areas of the house. We're going to get the dreaded baby gates!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Toes, toes, toes!

Aiden takes much pleasure in chomping on his toes.

He is on the lookout for the green light before the flash from the camera.

Ali's project

Ali recently completed her 4-H project which took her almost 20 hours to complete. When most of the students were using animals as their topic, she chose interior design. I'm so proud of her! Get your order in now;-)

These are the supplies she used.

She worked really hard on this! She was so sick after the Heart Hustle, but knew she had to finish this project!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Harry Potter

Usually, I try to read his books (mostly to keep up with Aaron) and watch his movies when they first come out, but now I am reminded of him whenever I look in the mirror.
I had my first surgery on my basal cell (skin cancer). It was plain awful and very traumatic! I'm in pain and it looks like someone punched my nose with all the swelling (I look like a troll). I was okay with this until I took off the bandages today. I have more than an inch long scar straight down the middle of my forehead (like Harry Potter).
Erik and I laughed (you kind of have to at this point) about me having a permanent cross there when my wrinkles arrive in years to come. Today, I just realized how much I rely on using my face to give visual cues to my students (and family). Anyway, I'm praying that the swelling goes down soon!

7 months

Baby Aiden is 7 months old today. He is eating only what he wants and usually it's not in a jar. He's become my toast buddy in the mornings.
He reaches out for us with great effort and grunts. We echo noises together and sing songs (loves Twinkle, twinkle). He also picks his favorite toys to play with and only rolls over when he forgets that he hates being on his tummy. Why would he want to be on his tummy? Big brother and sister get everything he needs before he can even try to reach for it.
He loves playing with hair and sucks on his fingers. He started pulling up and loves to flail back onto his boppy when sitting, but hasn't attempted to crawl.
He loves to cuddle and nap with mommy or daddy. His sleep schedule is off by an hour. It's so funny when he plays peek-a-boo and looks for you when you are not in the room. His excitement and laughter are infectious! He's doing so much now!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Photo Tag

Here's the 4th album and the 4th picture. I had to be creative, because in one of my picture locations, it is school pics. So, I had to go to the other pic location. It turned out to be a great picture of my MIL's retirement ceremony from the army. Every week, I hear Erik's heartstrings ache about the armed forces. He still has time-not much- if he's serious.

Anyway...I tag Ashley

Saturday, February 7, 2009

He Loves Me!

Isn't he so sweet looking? You would think he slept all night long. His nights are well defined: 7pm-12am; 12-1; 1:15-2:30; and up by quarter of 4. Then, it's playtime with mommy and watching little einsteins or baby can read. Then mommy can get ready for school or sit and play with him. It doesn't bother me too much. I know how little time I have with him! I'd rather not have a nanny! Maybe for V-day, I'll get someone to scrub the bathrooms!

The Heart Hustle

Whew, what a day. Thanks Fran (Carrie's mom)!!!! She owned that POF station. I still don't have it mastered because it was 3 deep instead of overall.

Ali placed 3rd with around a 47 minute time in the 5k. She did great, especially since she hasn't been jogging until this week. We're proud of her! She was feeling poorly when she woke up and has progressively gotten worse. She has fever and is sound asleep. I tried to reassure her that she didn't have to run, but she was adamant (good for her-finishing what she starts).

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New pics

I've returned to blog land! This is due to a GAPS visit to our school and the massive amount of paperwork we have to do! The paperwork is killing me! I want to know where all of our records are going to be kept! Obama promised change-can it be virtual records?

He is enjoying his "big boy" rides in the stroller!

I had to move away as he moved towards the camera! He's enamored by it! When he sees the green light, he knows that I have the camera!

He was really fussy the other night and going into his box of goodies was the only way to calm him!

He reminds me of Erik more and more!

Imagine this...

Two children playing happily together, not a care in the world. Brother and sister finally getting along, doing something together that pleases them and makes them laugh. They're really having a blast. Mom and dad hear the laughter and are happy also.

Then some driver comes along with his family and makes an abrupt stop that silences the laughter and sends the kids scattering as fast as they can back down their driveway and into their home as the driver backs up and pulls in.

Well, are you wondering why the driver has ended their fun? I'll tell you! His wife, Sandra, made him stop as the two happy children (screaming na na, na na, boo boo, like a thug, at the passing cars) drop their rocks that they have been throwing and run back up their driveway! I've never seen an "Oh, crap" before today.

Well, I got out of the car (covering my id badge) and walked up to the mother (in her jammies at 4:15p.m.) and explained the situation. She screamed for her kids (and her mother) and let them have it.
LOVE IT!!!!!!
I've officially joined the ranks of meanies!

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