Sunday, September 28, 2008

My joy!

We had not been grocery shopping in 2 weeks. Yesterday, Erik and I took Aiden to Ingles. He laughed and smiled for 30 minutes until he fell asleep. He is such a joy! I'm trying to soak up every minute, even the crying ones. Erik took the photos with his cell phone.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sick....and tired!

I thought I was just tired...nope, sick too! By Friday, I had little voice left. Students are sweet, but I feel like I am visiting a different country where I do not understand the language. It was getting better until I cleaned my book/reading area. Books were torn and shoved inside one another and not in the correct boxes on the shelf. I had to throw away 5 books. I never throw away a book unless there is no hope of repair! It was a sad situation. I went to class Tuesday to discover that the instructor wanted us to take our test a week early. Whew, it was statistics. I did well, but at first I really thought about leaving without taking it. Coming home to Aiden, Erik, Ali, and Aaron is a joy. Aiden is just happy to see me and Erik takes care of the rest. Bless him for all of his help and consideration! I have the best husband and Aiden has the best daddy!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Monday was Aiden's first full day with Ms. Ashley. It also my first day back at school. Aiden looked really tired when I finally got to hold him. Ali went to see the doctor for her ears, while Aiden and I stayed in the car. He nursed, then realized it was time to play. We played patty cake and sang songs. A friend and former parent of a student last year came by the car to chat. She remarked how Aiden looked much like Aaron and how he was holding his head very steady.

My first day, however, was not a success. I was frustrated, tired, and wanted to go home. I don't have half the things I need to complete report cards next week. My class keeps telling me what my sub did. Blah! Tomorrow's another day:)

Thursday, September 18, 2008


This was Aiden's first day with his sitter, Ashley. It was difficult for mommy, daddy, and Aiden. When we arrived to pick him up, 3hours later, he was crying. He settled down after mommy got him!
Monday is the big day for my return to teaching. I went to see my students and work with them.

Look at those baby blues!!!!

Look at him moving. He was really kicking those legs and seemed to be swimming:)

These were taken before we went for lunch and dropped him off with his girl, Ashley.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Take a look at this picture and compare it to the one of Aiden.

This is Aaron and it was taken almost 13 years ago. Aaron was a preemie. This was January 1996, a month and a half after his week long hospital stay and the machine went back to the health care office. Even Dr. Lee stated that Aiden looks much like Aaron! People who knew Aaron when he was little, often comment about their likeness.

Happy 2 months to Aiden

Aiden is such a sweet and pleasant baby.........until he gets hungry:) He weighs almost 11 lbs and is a little over 22 inches. Ali and Aaron were mostly in the 0-5th percentile and Aiden ranks 20-25th percentile. I hope it stays this way!
He is moving all of the time and sleeps through the entire night! I hope I didn't just jinx it. He is cooing and gurgling and loves to talk to us. We have miles of smiles and beautiful looks from him that melt our hearts. He smiles at almost everyone, even his talking frog. He loves to pedal his legs and reach out for some things. He holds on to us. He also has cradle cap, but his acne has calmed down. His hair is growing in a little. If you haven't noticed, his eyes are large and very blue.

Aiden is waiting patiently for Dr. Lee to see him. After, he received 5 shots and an oral vaccine. It was difficult to hear him cry after each shot, but he readily took the oral one. We had a very long day. We picked up Ali and Aaron, ate dinner, and attended a meeting for Ali's trip. The next day he slept for most of the day and was a little cranky.

Daddy and Aiden are relaxing after church last Sunday.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Aiden's first day at church!

Here we are on our first outing to church. Aiden has nursed AND finished a 6 oz bottle! He is in milk comatose heaven! Can you tell he's extremely full? We have waited 8 longs weeks to get somewhat of a routine. Last week, we didn't go because he wanted to play from 4 am to 6 am. Last night, he slept from 10 pm to 6 am. I don't know about you, but I love it!!!!! I hope this continues and becomes his routine!
He seems to have gained a little weight and filled out. Right now, baby acne has taken hold and hi checks look like he's been burned. His hidden check is the worst side. He's still a wonderful and happy baby! We love his smiles and pouts! Bath time is one of the most enjoyable moments with him! He loves being in the water and knows when it's time for his bath. He gets excited when we start taking off his onesie. He tries to drink the water when poured on him.

Side note:
I always dislike confrontations, but we are "bitter" if you know what I mean;)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happenings and Sleepy wrap anyone?

Aiden is very unhappy here. Erik was trying to capture his lower lip when he starts his hungry cry. It actually sounds like he's saying hungy, huuuungy. It's difficult not to laugh at him!

I have been unable to do much since little baby Aiden is sleeping less. I must say he is giving us miles of smiles and seems to have a little temper. I cannot really tell about the color that his hair will eventually be, but his temper matches my hair sometimes:) I have a little less than 2 1/2 weeks before I return to work:( and I dread this. I wish I could stay at home with him!!!!
On to the awesome, wonderful Sleepy Wrap that I am in love with. I can nurse in it! It is similar to a sling but so much better. This one item allowed Erik and me to grocery shop for over an hour. It took us that long because of our new Ingles and the grand opening of it. I actually had fun grocery shopping when normally I hate it! Today he had not had a nap longer than 20 minutes and I couldn't get a thing done, so, I placed him in the sleepy wrap. He fell asleep in 5 minutes and is still asleep (hour later).

Doesn't he look long? I can't believe how fast he is growing! I know he's my 3rd, but every time it is different and equally wonderful!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Not trying to get political, but ...........

I am certain that there are politicians on both sided of the spectrum that love to play the flip-flop game. However, if you are going to do that, then at least don't let your self be caught on tape supporting the very thing you are fighting against. In each one of these clips there is a democrat politician that is supporting a fight in Iraq and the Middle East. Now, that it is not cool to support the war they have all flipped and now are degrading our president and his office for the war in Iraq.

Let it be said that we as a family support every one of our troops no matter what battle they are in. We support out president, and the beliefs of every TRUE Conservative. We believe in the founding papers that were drawn up and used to establish this wonderful country that we live in. We believe in the Inalienable Rights of every American rich, poor, white, or black. We believe in Capitalism, we believe that every American should have the oppurtunity to succeed if they want to. In other words we believe in this Country, this Government, and our Military.

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